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What kind of Photography do you do?

Primarily, I concentrate on the ‘on location’ settings with equines and their humans.  Most horsie people I know have lots of images actually participating in their chosen discipline so here’s a chance to have some photos in either a casual or themed setting.  I like to incorporate other two-legged and four-legged family members if they’re up for it! Recently introduced is Canine photography.  I can't get enough moments of my beautiful retired greyhound Penny and I'm sure you do too!


Where are you based?

I am based in on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.  I live in the hinterland just at the bottom of the beautiful Blackall Range.


Do you travel?

Of course! I will travel anywhere your heart may desire!  I can arrange trips to towns or regions if I have a enough interest for sessions in a particular area.  Unfortunately, the cost of travel is sometimes far too expensive for me to travel outside of my area unless I can share the costs among a number of bookings.  

Maintaining affordability for you is very important to me! If you have further questions about travel, feel free to contact me!


Where do you run most of your sessions?

The majority of my sessions are your choice!  Usually, a client will have me come to their property or at a location they love, bearing in mind that the horse/s need to be relaxed and familiar with their setting.  Location is a very important aspect of a session, it should be reflective of who you are – you might love the bush, the beach, or your backyard, provided it is outdoors or has sufficient natural light!  


What should we wear?

Here’s where you can run with your imagination.  It’s a good idea to have a few outfits at the ready for quick changes just so we can play with your ideas.

How long do your sessions run for?

Depending on the package that you book, sessions can run from 45 minutes up to 2 hours.  Its best to work quickly and efficiently.  You know what they say about working with kids and animals!  So you just never can tell how long a session will last! 


What do we receive?

Again, depending on the package you select, you will generally receive anywhere between 5 - 10 images on a USB or disc in high resolution, although there usually are a lot to choose and you may wish to purchase extras.  This means you can print them yourself whenever, wherever you would like.  There could be a combination of black & white as well as colour, with files suitable for print and files suitable for use on Social Media.


Can we edit the photographs ourselves?

When you book a session with me, you are booking my entire service, which is to Photograph and then perfect the shots!  So no, you cannot edit the photographs yourself.  This would be like asking a painter to draw an outline but allow you to colour in the blanks!


What time do your sessions normally take place?

I am a morning person by nature and love the soft light that the morning brings.  If this isn’t suitable then late afternoons is a beautiful time with its golden light, for photographs.


How do we pay, and do you require a deposit?

I will contact you prior to the booking with details for a 20% deposit and remainder to be paid on the day or just prior.


How long will it take to receive our photos?

I usually am as excited as you to see the pics so within a week or two I will have previews emailed to you.


How will we receive our images?

In most circumstances, a Dropbox link will be emailed to you for you to download.  However I can provide a USB if you so desire.  That can be mailed, or if you live close by, you can pick up or we can meet for a coffee!.


Each session will be a little different to reflect you.  I hope I have answered your questions.  Please contact me via the contact tab if you have anything else you would like to know. 


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